Stereo Photography Projects


Gift Box with Realist Viewer and Slides
Construction: 3/4" birch plywood
Black velvet lining
Stenciled decoration
Made as a wedding gift (slides included are of wedding)

4"x5" Stereo Camera
Construction: 1/4" birch plywood, basswood
Telescoping boxes allow focusing
Lenses: 135mm Graphex (Wollensak)
Lens Separation: 150mm
Left + Right images are each 4"x5"
Shown with Revere 33

4"x5" Stereo Viewer
Construction: 1/4" birch plywood
Design: Wheatstone/Brewster (plans)
Lenses: 42x132mm achromats
Illumination: two 'vanity' bulbs with color-correcting gels
Power: 120VAC
Cat: Monty

Medium Format Stereo Viewer
Format: 6x6cm stereo (Spicer mount)
Construction: 1/4" birch plywood
Lenses: 80mm achromats
Illumination: two halogen bulbs
Power: two high capacity Ni-Cad 'D' cells