Trip to Paso Robles, California

by Vari-Eze

April 25-26, 2003

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Taxiing out for takeoff at Livermore, just after the rain passed through.

Rolling down the runway.

Over Livermore, headed for the San Joaquin Valley where the clouds were a bit higher.

Somewhere along the way....

It's 154 miles from Livermore to Paso Robles if you fly direct.

Our somewhat roundabout route made it more like 200 miles.

You can see some of the weather that prevented us from taking a direct route over the hills.

Paso Robles Airport in the middle distance.

Turning onto final approach at Paso Robles.

Short final.

After Landing.

Away I go, hurrying to get back to Livermore before sunset.

And I'm back the next afternoon to pick Dad up.

John Schaefer gets a ride in the Vari-Eze.

I think he liked it!

Hand-propping.  The airplane doesn't have an electric starter so I use the 'Armstrong' brand.

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